Welcome to 2014

Happy New Year

The blog was supposed to be up on New Year Eve, but had issues with my domain registrar. I am unable to change DNS settings. I was preety determined to be a regular blogger on the New Year night (say it New Year resolution). Got my domain back on 2nd Jan, and wasted some time figuring how nginx works.

What happened to my earlier contents!!!
I was not blogging for long - nearly a year, and I didnt care much about it. Earlier it was hosted at a shared hosting, it expired and I didnt feel it necessary to renew it and thus it is lost in the thin air (may be google have a copy :P) Then why now? I like to be learn a lot of new stuffs and last year I guess I did well (not great). "The best thing to judge learning is to teach other" to evaluate myself plus I am not enrolled in academic institude this days. So hope for some How to post in this blog.

This blog runs on Ghost - a simple lightweight Node.js blogging platform. Why not WordPress? WordPress is great and I love it. Some say Wordpress is no longer just a blogging platform - it has turned out to be a CMS. Yes, it is for which lots of people opt Wordpress as their development base. I just want this to be a simple blog to share views and connect for people opinions. Moreover as I said, I want to lean more and more, I find Node.js intereseting. Ghost is in its early stage and lots of improvements need to be done and maybe I will contribute too in some sense. I like the look and feel of the default theme - Casper. The theme can be improved for SEO and social media activities.

Year 2013 review

I think the most notable event was I graduated :) so do my friends. Tried for higher education but didnt do well with my entrace test, hope to do it well this time. So, this bought me free time (nearly a year, six month passed). As usual I continued to be freelancer and learn new things.

Really enjoyed learning MongoDB. NoSQL really have advantages when you try to structure data as objects. Didnt try other NoSQL product yet, but MongoDB was not that hard to learn.

Have been a PHP developer for long, but didnt bother to learn PHP frameworks much earlier. For me, I think writing raw PHP gives me more freedom for tweaks. But when it comes to create JUST ANOTHER BUSINESS PRODUCT (with lots of basic functionalities) its better to adapt one. I tested out some of them and likes how CodeIgniter works. Plus point for not using any template engine, they take raw PHP for creating the view. Thought some of you, might want to use a template engine, as it avoids collision for both backend developer and frontend developer. I came across Timber, a WordPress plgin which let write your HTML using the Twig Template Engine separate from your PHP files. Someone who had use Twig of other template engine will like it, I too. Again when you come across like Roots Starter Theme, you wont feel the need of Timber like plugins.

Whats Now?

I would be happy to learn more new things this year. There is no harm in trying out. Will try harder to get into Academic life again- I like to be in campus, it makes you energetic. I would also work on some ideas which works, for atleast 6 months. Other than that, I will enjoy life - "zindagi na milegi na dobara"

Samiran Raj Boro

Software Engineer, Freelancer, At most like to be student.

  • Guwahati, Assam, India

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